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Marie Ciel
10 November 2012 @ 11:38 am
Since I've been away so long, I've fallen in and out of fandoms, become more deeply rooted in some, found new appreciations in others. This is practically my public fandoms journal, so it seemed only proper to write an entry on it!

Bear in mind that any fandoms I talk about here are open to be requested for fic or graphics! I do still do those things!

Fandoms, beautiful fandoms!Collapse )

Have a great day! Stay warm, if you're anywhere where it's getting cold... if you aren't, then carry on what you're doing. :3

~ Marie Ciel <3
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Marie Ciel
06 November 2012 @ 11:54 pm
Hello friends and other friends!

This summer has been terribly busy for me, and the transition into another year of classes equally strenuous. Due to these circumstances, I have been unable to write, create graphics, comment, message, etc. for the past few months. I am happy to announce that this indefinite hiatus is now definite, and is now over!

In the coming days I'll write little things about what's been going on, what fandoms I've fallen into and out of, and maybe a bit about my life if you care to know. I plan on getting more involved in my favorite comms once again, and hopefully posting some fic soon!

Marie's back! I know, groans, eye rolls... :D
It's good to be back, LJ. Can't stop believing~

<3 Marie Ciel

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Marie Ciel
Title: Breaking Promises
Fandom: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Pairing: Tetsuya/Ayana
Prompt: 30 kisses #22: cradle
Rating: PG.
Warning(s): dark topics (miscarriage)
Words: 781
Summary: Tetsuya wanted to be strong for her sake, so he never cried. He wanted to be able to hold them together, even while everything else was falling to pieces. All they had was three months-- three months' worth of broken promises.
Author's Note: First of all, let me say I really don't know why I wrote this fic. Well, I mean, I do-- some people have been speculating as to why Ayana seemed so gung-ho about having a kid, and then they have not yet; some theorize that they may have suffered a miscarriage. I think this is incredibly unlikely, and beyond that, the thought makes me very sad! But the idea just wouldn't leave my head, and I decided to explore their feelings if this were to happen (god forbid it ever does!) and somehow, I... really like how it turned out? I'm actually pretty proud of it. Besides being really sad, I do like it a lot. I hope you appreciate it for one reason or another!

Comments & feedback make me SO happy. Even if it's just a "hey I read this", that's totally fine with me! Hope you enjoy~ \(^-^)/

When he asked her what was wrong, she would say, "Nothing," but she wasn't being honest. Then she would add, "You don't have to worry about me," but she wasn't being honest about that, either.Collapse )

Marie Ciel
26 May 2012 @ 02:12 pm
Title: finale
Fandom: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Pairing: Tetsuya/Ayana
Prompt: 30 kisses #30: kiss
Rating: G.
Word(s): 1089
Summary: Tetsuya confesses his love to Ayana, but now he isn't entirely sure she understood what sort of 'love' he meant.
Author's Note: I've had the idea for this one floating around in my head forever. I started it a while ago, and just now had time to edit it and put it together so it actually makes some sense.
Finally off of exam hiatus! Woo!

Comments & feedback are always appreciated. I hope you enjoy this one! \(^-^)/

Did she not hear the earnest in his voice? No, she did not understand. Not at all.Collapse )

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Marie Ciel
04 May 2012 @ 08:31 pm
Hi, hey, hello! It's been quite a while since I last posted, hmm? Schoolwork has been keeping me ridiculously busy, so I haven't really had the time to do much of anything else. Today I happened upon a little batch of icons that I made around a month ago and never got around to posting-- and decided to post them, as proof to you all that I'm not actually dead!

This icon set features the lovely Ayana Sakai-- fashion designer, actress, model, and wife of Tetsuya Ogawa! I absolutely adore her designs, most especially her wedding dresses, and beyond that she is gorgeous, so I decided to make some icons of her. :3

Nothing new to see here--
✰ These icons are not to be used as bases.
✰ Feel free to kidnap any and all that you like! If you use them, please credit me, [info]marieciel. A lot of work went into making these, so please do not steal them!
✰ Do comment and let me know if you like them! Feedback makes this girl very happy~ ^^

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Marie Ciel
08 April 2012 @ 04:55 pm
Title: intrada
Fandom: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Pairing: Tetsuya/Ayana  (1st-person: Tetsuya's POV)
Prompt: 30 Kisses #1: look over here
Rating: G.
Warning(s): extremely abstract
Words: 637
Summary: A poem-fic describing Tetsuya's early feelings for Ayana: being unreachable, dreams and love songs, the pull of fate, the pain of a heart broken too many times, and an all-consuming love.
Author's Note: I had many different ideas for what direction this fic would take, and in the end, I'm actually very proud of it. It's practically a poem, the way I wrote it, and I believe that approach fit the subject well. It covers a lot of smaller ideas, uniting them as one-- though, one could say the same thing about love as a whole~ ^^ If you can get meaning out of it, then sir or madam, I salute you. If you read it and it just seems like weird/trippy rambling and you hate it, then please realize that most of my fics are not like this, and that I'm not actually a drug addict. ^^

That said, hope you enjoy! Comments & feedback are greatly appreciated. <3

A rising chorus drowns out my voice. I can only hope that perhaps you can hear the echoes of my words of love.Collapse )

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Marie Ciel
Title: Dearly Beloved Place
Fandom: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Pairing: Tetsuya/Ayana
Prompt: 30 Kisses #29: the sound of waves
Rating: PG.
Words: 856
Summary: It must be a bad sign for a couple to worry about the future on their honeymoon... but, perhaps not. Unable to deal with the heat in their room, Ayana goes outside in the middle of the night to think, and to listen to the ocean's waves...
Author's Note: I wrote this a while ago, and I'm still not sure if I like it or not... ah well. It was written rather late at night, so it's, ah... interesting? Hahaha~ Well, I haven't posted anything in a while, so I figured I should show that I'm not completely sloughing off while I'm off from school~ ^^

Hope you enjoy! \(^-^)/ Comments and feedback make this author ridiculously happy~ That's it! Douzo~ <3

She wanted to be alone. In that moment, the desire almost scared her. That was not what they were here for--Collapse )
Marie Ciel
Title: Games (or, Hyde's Night and Tetsu's Morning)
Fandom: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Characters: Hyde & Tetsuya (friendship)
Rating: G.
Words: 1455
Summary: Tetsuya comes over to visit Hyde while his apartment is being repaired, however, the two of them seem to have very different ideas of what constitutes a "good time". While Tetsuya is perfectly content to work and fill out forms for potential record deals, all Hyde wants to do is play video games.
Author's Note: Written for the prompt "games" for laruku_in_words. I didn't write anything for last month's prompts and I feel so bad about that! So, I was a good girl and wrote this. \(^-^)/
Lately I've been reading a lot of Isaac Asimov-- his short stories are some of my favorites. I really like his writing style, as well as his creative plots, ideas, and particularly, conclusions. I like to think my style's been influenced by his quite a bit. This fic seems to really reflect that-- the plot is obviously nothing like anything he'd write, but the tone is there. Asimov would undoubtedly be off writing more impactful things about the consequences of human space exploration and whatnot. At least, I think this is pretty cute. ^^b
...aaand that's Marie's writing rant for the day! I really like Isaac Asimov's writing style. <3 Maybe someday I'll be awesome and write like he did. ^^ There's always hope!

Hope you enjoy~! Douzo~

Tetsu glanced up, blinking away the images of rows and columns of monotonous print to focus on Hyde's face instead. It was lit with a sort of excitement Tetsu wasn't sure he had quite seen before. "Do you wanna play a game with me?"Collapse )

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Marie Ciel
Title: In a few moments--
Fandom: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Pairing: Tetsuya/Ayana
Prompt: 30 Kisses #24: good night
Rating: PG.
Words: 1107
Summary: Tetsuya is on his way home from work late in the night. Everything is entirely normal, besides the fact that he is very tired. However, in a few moments, he will receive a phone call that will change everything-- we regret to inform you, sir... A story about dreams.
Author's Note: I had the idea for this one a couple of nights ago, during a long car ride. It was rather late and a storm had just swept through the area-- far off in the distance, I could see lighting lighting up the clouds, and somehow, through an immensely convoluted thought process, this fic happened. It will probably have a sequel, I believe. A little bittersweet, but hopeful. Oh, angsty~
I'm really really proud of this one; I like how it turned out. ^^b But of course, you can decide for yourself!

Hope you enjoy! \(^-^)/ Comments & feedback make my world go 'round~

In a few moments, he would learn that Ayana was not asleep in their bed at home...Collapse )

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Marie Ciel
Title: Trap of Infatuation
Fandom: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Pairing: Tetsuya/Ayana
Prompt: 30 Kisses #2: letter
Rating: PG.
Words: 1568
Summary: Tetsuya becomes rather upset when he finds himself quite infatuated with one of his friends. Even Hyde notices this, as the bassist tries to work on some points for a contract, and is far more distracted than his usual leaderly self allows.
Author's Note: This was a fun one to write-- having Hyde teasing Leader for his crush was just too tempting to pass up. xD As was the Kiss³ reference... Anyways~ I wanted to write a thing focusing on the denial stage (since they did start off as friends first) and then that feeling of love driving you a little crazy. Not the best one I've written, but I think it's fun. It's fluffy! :D

Enjoy~! \(^-^)/ Comments & feedback are love!

"That's it-- she's pretty. I-- uh-- she's just pretty, that's all."Collapse )

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