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17 March 2012 @ 10:44 am
In a few moments-- [Tetsuya/Ayana x 30 Kisses]  
Title: In a few moments--
Fandom: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Pairing: Tetsuya/Ayana
Prompt: 30 Kisses #24: good night
Rating: PG.
Words: 1107
Summary: Tetsuya is on his way home from work late in the night. Everything is entirely normal, besides the fact that he is very tired. However, in a few moments, he will receive a phone call that will change everything-- we regret to inform you, sir... A story about dreams.
Author's Note: I had the idea for this one a couple of nights ago, during a long car ride. It was rather late and a storm had just swept through the area-- far off in the distance, I could see lighting lighting up the clouds, and somehow, through an immensely convoluted thought process, this fic happened. It will probably have a sequel, I believe. A little bittersweet, but hopeful. Oh, angsty~
I'm really really proud of this one; I like how it turned out. ^^b But of course, you can decide for yourself!

Hope you enjoy! \(^-^)/ Comments & feedback make my world go 'round~


In just a few moments, his phone would ring, and he would tear off into the pounding rain and the sound of distant thunder.

Tetsuya sat slumped in his car, placing his hands on the wheel, considering the feel of it, and then dejectedly returning them to his lap again. It cycled like this for several minutes-- decision, regret, decision, second guess... after a while he gave up altogether and buried his face into his hands. He was too tired for this, for any of it.

Drives always seemed far longer and more arduous when he was in this state. The very moment he pulled out of the studio parking lot and onto the road, dread deepened into misery.

The morning had been too early, the day had been too long, and the work had been too stressful. Every blink was a dreadful temptation to become sleep, and despite the aid of contacts, his vision blurred in and out of usefulness. He had to concentrate to breathe deeply and focus on the task at hand-- getting himself home alive.

By the time he arrived home, Ayana would probably already be asleep. He'd told her this would be a late working day, so at least she wouldn't be terribly worried.

In a few moments, he would learn that Ayana was not asleep in their bed at home. She was asleep, but not in the sort of situation-- or bed-- that he imagined her to be.

Fed up with himself and bad late-night drivers and everything, Tetsuya pulled over to the side of the road. Streaks of gold and red flashed past across the asphalt, intermixed with the stationary lights of shop windows, spilling the sidewalk with white and yellow. Rubbing his eyes furiously, Tetsuya desperately urged himself awake. He had only ten more minutes to drive, if even that, and he'd be home. Ayana wouldn't care if he didn't change his clothes-- he was fatigued enough that sleeping in jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket was looking more and more wonderful with each passing second. Changing into something more comfortable, or even simply removing some of the layers, added too much of a barrier between himself and sleep.

In a few moments, he would hear the polished, clipped and unfamiliar tone of the nurse's voice, wrought with static and interference as it was over the phone, but he would still catch enough words to get the gist of the situation. All it would take was that, and he'd forget about everything else-- even sleep.

In a few moments, it would start raining.

Tetsuya glanced up, leaning forward to gaze into the thick, gray sky. A few droplets of water met with his windshield and spattered across it in an irregular rhythm. More and more came, until the air was filled with the faintly beating whispers of the gentle rain. He was tired enough-- now driving would be even more difficult, what with the road being filled with idiots and this new development of reduced visibility. He flicked on his fog lights, but did not pull out quite yet. Yawning wide, he tilted his head back, and the breath ended in a sigh.

--he was hanging up his jacket in the closet, taking off his shoes. Even then, he was just as tired as he was during the drive, yet his mind was sharper. Everything seemed more vivid. He was acutely aware of the color of the carpet, of the texture of the jacket as he slid it onto its hanger. All of it was strangely memorable.

Before crawling into bed, which was an incredibly zealous temptation, certainly, he crossed silently over to the bed's opposite side, where a blanketed lump lay. Tetsuya squatted down so he was relatively level with it and gently pulled the covers back. He brushed the flurry of stray strands of hair away from Ayana's face and smiled. She looked beyond peaceful. Slowly he pressed his lips to her forehead, hesitating just a little before drawing away--

He kissed her good-night, and then the rain began to fall harder.

Startled awake by the sound of the deluge, Tetsuya glanced about wildly. He had managed to fall asleep while sitting upright in the driver's seat. Better now than on the road, he thought ruefully.

Still, it was rather... disappointing. For a second, he thought it was real. At least, later that night, perhaps it would become so.

In a few moments, he would learn that would be impossible.

Startled again, this time by the insistent vibrating of his phone, Tetsuya hurriedly drew it from his pocket and pressed it to his ear. He barely had time to sputter a breathless greeting before that polished, clipped and unfamiliar voice identified himself as a nurse, and regretted to inform him--

The static jumped several octaves-- or perhaps it was only interpreted that way, as Tetsuya's mind suddenly increased its processing speed, out of some sort of primal desperation. There was no fatigue in his system anymore. He caught enough words to get the gist of the situation. Accident-- a car accident. No... No serious cuts or lesions. Thank goodness. Concussion. Unconscious. Possible cranial trauma. Nightmare. You were listed as primary contact, sir-- Of course. That's my wife you're talking about.

In a few moments, he would arrive at the hospital. He would rush to her room and the nurses would part graciously, knowing he was likely to take violent action if they stood in his way. The color would drain from his face as he saw the IV tubes leading from suspended bags of fluid down to her arms, when he saw how she suddenly looked so small, surrounded by masked forms checking her readouts and records. He would think of it as an image from a polished-white hell.

In a few moments, he would reach under the sheets and carefully take her hand in his. Her lips would twitch upward in the most vague semblance of a smile, and the doctor would excitedly hurry to one of the many readouts and proclaim:

She's entered a REM cycle. Then, to Tetsuya: She's dreaming.

In a few moments, he would look in muted surprise to the doctor for a second, then to Ayana's unconscious form. Indeed, she would look peaceful, as she did in his dream.

In a few moments, he would think of how he kissed her good-night, and something about that would make him immensely sad.

Time began to flow again. Tetsuya shoved the phone back into his pocket with lightly trembling fingers.

He tore off into the pounding rain and the sound of distant thunder.


Listening to: "夏の憂鬱 ~Sea in Blood 2007~" - P'unk~en~Ciel
chichi_tsutsu: Tsu singchichi_tsutsu on March 19th, 2012 11:47 pm (UTC)
Oh my god o_o, WONDERFUL, I do love this one wow!! It makes me speechless actually, you're writing so well! I really love this kind of sad fictions~. I don't know why, but I love it, and I really, REALLY enjoy this one! thank you for that <3.
btw, happy belated birthday dear :3. I was supposed to come earlier to tell you that but I was quite busy tonight, I'm sorry about that ;;.
Hope you enjoyed your birthday haha :D. How old are you now ^^?
Marie Ciel: [L'A] chasemarieciel on March 23rd, 2012 11:14 pm (UTC)
Ahh thank you so much! That means a lot to me, to hear things like that. <3
I have an odd affinity for writing sad fics, so that works out nicely! ^^ Ahaha~ Bittersweet or angsty fics always end up being my favorites, it seems.

& thank you~! That's just fine! Sorry for this late reply; as people get older, it takes longer for them to do things, you know. ^^ Just kidding~
I had a lovely birthday, thanks!

How old am I now~? Ehh~ that's a trade secret~ ^^ Mmm... not very, though. I'm still very young. I just act like an old lady most of the time. *nods*