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06 November 2012 @ 11:54 pm
End of Hiatus!  
Hello friends and other friends!

This summer has been terribly busy for me, and the transition into another year of classes equally strenuous. Due to these circumstances, I have been unable to write, create graphics, comment, message, etc. for the past few months. I am happy to announce that this indefinite hiatus is now definite, and is now over!

In the coming days I'll write little things about what's been going on, what fandoms I've fallen into and out of, and maybe a bit about my life if you care to know. I plan on getting more involved in my favorite comms once again, and hopefully posting some fic soon!

Marie's back! I know, groans, eye rolls... :D
It's good to be back, LJ. Can't stop believing~

<3 Marie Ciel

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